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Fundamentals of Rectal Cancer Surgery
The Fundamentals of Rectal Cancer Surgery Course has been created to educate surgeons about rectal cancer surgery, including background information, preoperative evaluation, intraoperative management and techniques, and postoperative care. The goal of the course is to be a resource for all surgeons who care for rectal cancer patients, to promote high-quality, evidence-based surgical and perioperative care. This course meets standard 8.1 for NAPRC accreditation. At the conclusion ... Details
SLI Webinar Leadership Styles & Decision Making: What’s you
Webinar: Leadership Styles & Decision Making-What's Your Approach?
Understanding the variety of communication styles is key to better communication and more effective leadership. One can be a great leader yet think very differently about how to manage a situation. In this round table discussion, we talk with prior presidents of ASCRS to discuss how their communication and leadership styles affect the way they think, speak, and make decisions. We preview the communication... Details
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ASCRS U Subscription for Non-Members
Gain 12 months of access to The ASCRS Textbook of Colon and Rectal Surgery and Question Bank. Both only available through ASCRS Membership, or by purchasing this subscription. This bundle includes the following:
-ASCRS Textbook of Colon and Rectal Surgery
-ASCRS Question Bank
-Webinar Recordings
-Video Mentorship Series Recordings
-Fundamentals of Rectal Cancer Surgery
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CARSEP® XI Study Program
The Colon and Rectal Surgery Educational Program (CARSEP®) is an online only study tool. The course consists of six practice quizzes, containing over 300 questions. Each quiz represents one of the six pillars of colorectal surgery. Questions contain critique and references to be utilized for studying purposes. Students are required to complete each quiz once to gain access to the self-assessment exam, which consists of 100 randomly selected questions from each of the... Details
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2023 Video Mentorship Series
IMPORTANT: This is a one-time registration for enrollment in the full 2023 series. You do not need to register more than once.

The ASCRS video mentorship series is an annual series of intraoperative video-based coaching sessions, presented in the webinar format, with the goal of sharing operative techniques and improving procedural confidence.

Registration for the 2023 Video Mentorship Series includes access to all live webinars listed below and recorded... Details
Non-Member Access to Recorded Webinars
Gain 12 months of access to ASCRS webinars on ASCRS U. Over 20 webinars covering the six pillars of colorectal disease—anorectal disease, benign disease, malignancy, pelvic floor, perioperative, and miscellaneous other topics. Upcoming live webinars will be recorded and added to ASCRS U throughout the year.
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